Design Concept

Initial design concepts were developed into 3D renders, which provided several views of the stand. This allowed our clients an early insight into exactly how their stand would look once constructed on-site.


Project commissioned by BMT Group. 


On-site construction of the stand was carried out by our experienced build team. This was overseen by one of Splash’s project managers, who ensured the build schedule ran to plan and build quality met our high standards. 

Sign-off and Handover

Once the stand installation was completed and signed-off by a Splash project manager, we ensured our clients were delighted with the delivery of their finished stand before we signed-off and handed over, ready for the opening day of the exhibition. 

Live Event

The StartPoint stand was designed to provide the functionality our clients required for their exhibition. We were proud to deliver an exceptional stand that met our clients’ objectives and differentiated their brands, elevated their services and profiles to their target audience.